I began my yoga journey when I was a teenager, practicing in my parent’s living room.  Over the years, I started to appreciate yoga as a way to release stress and calm my anxious mind.  The more consistently I practiced, the better I felt, inside and out. Through my practice I have found a deeper awareness of my thoughts, mindfulness in my words and actions, and a boundless search for opportunities to be a better human being.

After about a year of consistently showing up to my mat, I decided to register for training in early 2015. I received my RYT200 certification and soon after started my journey sharing the practice with those around me.  You can find me teaching powerful, fiery flows as well as classes filled with deep, restorative asanas. 

I hope to share the practice and power of yoga wherever I go while always remaining a student at heart.

Lots of love and light to all of you

Om Shanti