Intro to Arm Balances

  • Saturday, March 19, 2017

  • 1pm-3pm

  • Blossom Yoga - Wrightstown, PA

This workshop is focused on learning the core building blocks required to create the foundation for effortless arm balances. Devin will break down the stepping stones to a more graceful arm balance practice, starting with basic drills to build the strength and flexibility required to balance on your hands. We will practice poses like crow, side crow, flying pigeon, eight-angle and more. Devin will give you tools to learn how to build these poses intelligently and safely; there is no pressure to balance today or any other day. This workshop is geared towards beginners but all levels are welcome. This is also a great opportunity for instructors who are looking for safe ways to help their students build a stronger and safer practice. Come with an open mind and a positive attitude, maybe even bring a friend!

Pre-registration is required for this workshop. Please register online or in-studio. $35/student  

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