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1 in 4 families are affected by mental illness.

Share the Joy of Hiking. Bring hope to those battling mental illness.

I am beyond excited to team up with ‘HIKE for Mental Health’ while I hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2019. Over the past few years, I have struggled with managing my anxiety and depression but I have always found nature to be a source of comfort.  From April 24th-August 31st, I hiked from Georgia to Maine and successfully completed the Appalachian Trail.  I know how impactful that time spent outside was for my overall happiness, and I want to help create the opportunity for others to experience that as well while reducing the stigma associated with mental health. 

Want to help raise funds for a great cause and reduce the stigma associated with mental health? Follow the link below to donate and help spread the word.


Click the link below to visit my fundraising page through HIKE for Mental Health. The mission is to alleviate the suffering of those afflicted by mental illness, eliminate the associated stigma, and to foster responsible use of wilderness trails.

  • 80 cents from every dollar funds scientific research to prevent, cure, and treat mental illness

  • 20 cents maintains and preserves wilderness trails

Your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the IRS.

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